Barb Blasutti - President

Liana Holm - First Vice President

Sara Pidgen - 2nd Vice President

Gloria Kowch - Secretary

Amber Correa - Manitoulin Rep

Sherie Ayotte

Sherri Conley

David Douglass

Melissa McCreight

Meredith Coulas

Heather Jefkins

Leane Koskela

Katelane Frohlick

Tina Pietrandrea


Local Executive
Workplace Stewards

ETFO Stewards are the visible representatives of ETFO and the Local in the workplace.


Stewards are responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Collective Agreement.


Stewards inform members of ETFO services and programs.


Your ETFO Steward is your workplace contact for information about the Local and Provincial.


For a complete list of Stewards,

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