Fifth's Disease

The Local encourages all teachers who are pregnant and/or planning to get pregnant to be tested to determine their immunity to Fifth's Disease. The Rainbow District School Board has a policy on Fifth's Disease with respect to teachers who are pregnant. Members are encouraged to speak to their steward or contact the local office for more information.


Click here to view the policy

Employee Assistance Program

Rainbow District School Board provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to all permanent employees. The EAP provides confidential consultation, counselling, and community referrals as well as wellness information/resources on a range of work and family matters (life, family, money, work, health). All permanent employees and their dependents have access to this service at no cost.


LIFEWORKS: 1-877-207-8833

contact the Local office for your user ID and password



The FeelingBetterNow program is a powerful mental health tool for you and your doctor. This online tool allows you to confidentially assess your mental health and identify potiential risk of mental health issues (stress, anxiety, depression or other serious conditions).


To access the tool, go to: FeelingBetterNow


With FeelingBetterNow, you can generate an immediate and personlized action plan to be shared with your care provider to develop a path to wellness.


If you have any questions, please contact the Local office.


The CAREpath Cancer Assistance Program helps patients and their families with their journey through cancer treatment.


Three distinct services are available:


  • CAREpath Navigation System

  • CAREpath Survivor Support

  • Cancer Information Line


As a member of the Rainbow Local, this service comes at no additional cost to you.


Call CAREpath at 1-800-290-5106 or visit

Long Term Disability (LTD)

  1. All members of ETFO participate in the LTD Plan.

  2. There is a 110 day waiting period to access LTD.

  3. Teachers are responsible for paying 100% of the LTD Premiums.

  4. ETFO must submit the names of employees who have been absent due to illness for 10 consecutive days for Early Intervention Rehabilitation Services (EI). EI is a confidential service provided by OTIP to offer medical services to employees who are ill.

  5. In order to terminate LTD Coverage, members must qualify for a 60% unreduced service pension (31 credited years of service with your 85 factor) or have reached the end of the month in which they turn 70 (110 days before the end of the month when they turn 70).


Contact Liana at the ETFO Rainbow Teacher Local office with any questions




What You Need to Know About Short Term Sick Leave

  1. Each September, every teacher is able to access eleven (11) sick days at 100% salary.

  2. If a teacher exhausts all eleven (11) sick leave days, there will be an additional 120 days of Short Term Sick Leave available to be paid at 90% salary. If the illness is severe, this will carry the member through the 110 day waiting period to access Long Term disability (LTD).

  3. Short tem sick leave does not accumulate from year to year.

  4. Unused sick days from the previous school year, will be used to top-up short term sick leave days paid at 90% salary. Each unused day from the previous year can be used to top up ten (10) days paid at 90%.

  5. Sick leave credits can be used for medical appointments.

  6. If a member is ill on the last day of school and does not return on the first day of school the next year, this is seen as the same illness. The member would be continuing to use the sick leave credits from the previous year.



Health and Extended Health Benefits

As a member of ETFO, you have access to the ETFO Employee Life and Health Trust (ELHT).


Once enrolled in the benefits plan, you are able to access your benefits booklet from the “My Claims” section of OTIP’s secure member website.  You can also submit and track claims online, and sign up for direct deposit.  (“Health and Dental” portal)